Modern Networks  Simplified.

Complex features made easy.

Cost Effective Networking Solutions

Not beholden to any vendor!

FikesMedia is different in the fact that we are not Gold Partners and not beholden to any vendor. When it comes to price to performance, there is no denying that the traditional network vendors are not providing any value to their customers. FikesMedia utilizes the best tool for the task approach to networking. Does your business need routing with uncompromised feature sets including site to site VPN, SD-WAN, and protected employee access? Use Mikrotik! Need a simple to manage or managed solution for enterprise wireless connectivity? Use Ubiquiti UniFi! Need a custom solution taylored to your exact needs? Use FikesMedia!


If you can dream it, it can do it. Mikrotik has products for everything from 5G remote connections to 100Gb fiber connectivity. Remote access, site to site VPN, SD-WAN, and complex MPLS ISP networks. There is not a sector that Mikrotik can not compete in. 

UniFi Enterprise Networking

Far more than just a wireless solution, UniFi provides a centrally managed software defined network to consolidate management of multiple sites. Door access, wireless, and presentation management, UniFi has it. Contact us to find out if this is the solution for your growing business. 

Grandstream Networks

Grandstream's Networking Solutions offer powerful and secure networks with wide coverage range that feature industry-leading setup and management. Offering AX Access Points, Switches and Routers in order to offer a complete wired and Wi-Fi solution.

Traditional Network Solutions

Sometimes traditional networking is the best solution.

Some situations call for a more traditional approach, we understand this. That is why at FikesMedia we are not tied to any vendor, but instead offer a best solution using equipment that makes the most sense. 

Dell EMC Networking

Deliver the network performance and responsiveness needed for today’s mobile workforces and modern workplaces. Fixed-port, Chassis, to ONIE supported switches, Dell EMC has a product line that fits into your network demands. 

HPE Networking

A complete portfolio of access, core and aggregation, and data center switches offering performance, security, and operational simplicity for enterprise networks, data centers, and SMBs all from a vendor with decades of networking expertise. 

Aruba Wireless

Aruba’s portfolio of 802.11ax and 802.11ac access points address today's most challenging Wi-Fi use cases. Flexible deployments allow the APs to be deployed in controller-managed, cloud-controller managed, controllerless, or remote access modes for any size environment.  

Open Network Solutions

When nothing else is a good fit, Open Networking gets you close to the hardware getting you the most customization.

Open Networking Install Environment

ONIE is an open source initiative that defines an open “install environment” for bare metal network switches. ONIE enables a bare metal network switch ecosystem where end users have a choice among operating systems. 

PFSense / TNSR

A complete feature rich Open Source firewall built on top of the bulletproof FreeBSD and PF packet filter. Tons of features including IDS/IPS, traffic shaping, VPN termination, load balancing and even content filtering. Why go closed when you can be open.