About FikesMedia

FikesMedia is a small dynamic organization centered around our business motto, Lower technology cost and get more. Through more than 2 decades experience serving local government, education and business clients we have found that there is a need for skilled resources to provide solutions that are both cost effective and simple to operate. Small business allows for a more personalized experience and approach, we believe this is a core advantage that FikesMedia has over others. Through direct customer relationships and friendships, it is more efficient in reaching the goal of delivering the right solution.

Founded in 2007, FikesMedia has been operation offering various products and services. Recently we have realigned our focus on our core strengths and introduced a new partnership with an old friend, Mikrotik. Our experience in diverse markets allow us to offer solutions packed with features that no one else can touch at the price point.

3 Steps to Customer Happiness

We follow a simple 'three steps to happiness' approach that we have found effective when engaging with our customers. Setting the right expectation upfront provides a level playing field for engagement.

Understand what your pain points are, acknowledge your objective and propose an appropriate solution.

Deliver your accepted solution within the bounds agreed to with a defined time period.

Follow Up to confirm that you are happy with the solution provided and that the delivery of services was acceptable.