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Ubiquiti Networks Solution Provider

Ubiquiti Networks offers a disruptive product giving you the business owner the most for your capital. Enterprise wireless, long range point to point bridging, SD-WAN connectivity, FikesMedia is your local Ubiquiti solution provider.

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UniFi Enterprise Networking

Far more than just a wireless solution, UniFi provides a centrally managed software defined network to consolidate management of multiple sites. Contact us to find out if this is the solution for your growing business.

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UniFi Video

Uncompromising video surveillance with amazing value. Night vision, unlimited storage* and zero licensing renewals. Create a video surveillance network that can grow with your needs.

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EdgeMax with UNMS

From wireless to fiber. UNMS can turn your sprawling network needs into a centrally managed solution. Deploy local fiber networks with EdgeMax and UFiber, go wireless with AirMax and AirFiber while saving capital.

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